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Top 5 (Virtual) Ways to Say Thank You

The end of the year is such a great time to say thank you to our donors, employees, vendors, and clients, but it's also the busiest time too. So we've made it super easy for you to show your appreciation with our top 5 virtual resources!

1. PunkPost: Beautifully handwritten cards created by artists mailed for you. Each card is a piece of art and I've kept every PunkPost card I've ever received. You guide the design with suggestions and the artist takes your ideas and delivers the best mailbox surprise! Send one or a whole batch to make it easy.

2. Donate in their name. There are so many wonderful charities and a donation in someone's honor is the perfect way to appreciate them. As a special anniversary gift for a former employee, I donated a flock of chickens in her name for a small, remote village through She loves chickens and appreciated this gift that gave a village food and economic support.

3. Send a Free e-card.

This old-school option is still a great way to thank and appreciate people instantly! I love a good e-card and after searching for cute designs with little success, I added a few to my website. If you've missed the snail-mail deadline for a guaranteed holiday delivery, you can use my free holiday e-cards. It's easy and you can even upload a list to send bulk cards.

4. Sugarwish: Send a free thank-you gift through email or text. With Sugarwish, your recipients choose their favorites, so you know everyone will love their personalized gift - complete with a custom card and beautiful packaging. Your recipient will have so much fun choosing and personalizing their gift, and it's a thoughtful way to let someone know you're thinking of them and appreciate them.

5. BombBomb Video: Say thank you through an embedded email video. I started using these as a way to stay connected during the pandemic but continued because they were highly effective communication tools. There's nothing like getting a video thanking you personally for the impact you are making.

Saying Thank You is THE most important way to appreciate the people who make your organization possible. These 5 resources will help you save time and your recipients will never forget your kindness!

(Special shout out to Rachel Muir who sent me my first (and many more) PunkPost letters and BombBomb videos, Karen Peterson of NGCP who sent me my first Sugarwish gift, and Rodney Ahart of Keep Austin Beautiful who still sends me the best e-cards!)


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