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Now you’re louder, so what?

Is your message something people want to hear? 



We help you amplify your mission, clarify your message, measure your impact, and help you raise the needed resources to help you get to the next level.

While you are busy changing the world, we will work to help you better attract and engage customers, donors, volunteers, and participants with a mission-minded brand and marketing strategy. 

We are passionate about strategy because it gives a roadmap for moving forward, and when you know where you want to go, you can get there faster. 

We believe more resources lead to more impact. Development and sales can be inspiring for your team and your customers when it's done with your mission at the core.

Relationships matter most. We can help you attract and retain donors, customers, and staff members by leading with your WHY and cultivating meaningful connections to your work.

Let's make something BIG happen together. 

Our BIG Mission

We help companies inspire their customers and employees to do more good things

in the world. 

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Julie Shannan is the founder and CEO of Big Mission Consulting. She helps organizations align their brand and mission throughout their marketing, communications, programs, and development. Julie has dedicated her career to building strong nonprofits that make a measurable impact. She has over 25 years of leadership and fundraising experience, has served as an executive director, deputy director, program director, and board member throughout her professional career.


Julie knows how to bring development, programs, and marketing together to make a bigger impact and engage community members in the process. She is a certified professional coach with over 20 years of experience leading strategy sessions, board and staff retreats, strategic planning, and team-building workshops.

Julie has built brands that lead with their mission, have clear messaging, and incorporate measurement throughout. She has built fundraising, sales, and marketing teams that have worked together to engage audiences and increase revenue for organizations. Her goal is to always inspire and make a lasting impression that clients, donors, and participants will never forget.

“The seminar was amazing and I received great feedback ALL. DAY. LONG. Thanks for delivering a great session! "

Jayne, Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country

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