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Season of (Donor) Love

Every month is a great month to show your donors some love, but February is especially our favorite! We're sharing our top 5 ways to show some donor appreciation leading up to our most loved day of the year- Valentine's Day!

  1. A homemade card from your participants. This is by far the most special way to send your donors some love! Having your participants, whether they are children or adults, make special Valentine's thank-you cards is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. It doesn't take long and it's fun for your participants too.

  2. Hand-delivered treats. These can be specially decorated cookies, chocolates, or even Girl Scout Cookies wrapped in festive paper. Why not recruit a few loyal volunteers to help you deliver them and share the joy of making someone's day a little brighter?

  3. Thank you letter without an ask. Send a personal note without asking for anything else! Tell your donors how much you appreciate them and how their support helps your organization and mission. If you're short on time, send one of our free Valentine's E-Cards!

  4. Email a free printable/downloadable. Everyone loves a gift! Create a fun sticker set, Valentine's Day Cards, or printable coloring book for your donors and participants to enjoy and send straight to their inbox. This is low cost (and could be free if you have a talented volunteer who loves Canva) and goes a long way in sharing your appreciation (and mission)!

  5. Name something at your charity in their honor! The Bronx Zoo lets people name a cockroach in someone's honor "because roses and chocolates come and go, but roaches are forever." They even have a digital certificate you can print out and give to your Valentine. Get creative! This could be a fun way to raise awareness and let your donors have a unique experience that connects them back to your mission!


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